AVG Internet Security 2018 18.8.4048 Full [Latest]

AVG Internet Security 2018 18.8.4048 Full Key - AVG Internet Security adalah perlindungan lengkap untuk PC Anda dan identitas online! produk perlindungan terhadap virus pemenang penghargaan ini memberikan Anda keamanan Internet tak terkalahkan dengan melindunginya terhadap virus, spyware, hacker, spam dan situs-situs berbahaya. AVG Internet Security 2018 menyediakan beberapa lapisan perlindungan untuk semua yang Anda lakukan secara online, yang berarti Anda tidak perlu khawatir tentang pencurian identitas, virus, atau mengunjungi situs berbahaya.
Anda dapat berbelanja dan bank online dengan aman, menikmati hidup Anda di jaringan sosial, atau surfing dan pencarian dengan percaya diri dari perlindungan real-time. AVG Internet Security 2018 adalah solusi handal dan mudah digunakan untuk pengguna rumahan dan kantor kecil yang dipercaya oleh jutaan pengguna di seluruh dunia. Fiturnya cepat memindai dan video streaming, keamanan cerdas tidak akan memperlambat komputer Anda.

Berikut ini adalah beberapa fitur dari AVG Internet Security 2018 kamu bisa baca dan translate sendiri yah, soalnya banyak banget fiturnya !

Fitur dari AVG Internet Security 2018

  • AntiVirus. Helps stop, remove, and prevent the spreading of viruses, worms or trojans.
  • AntiMalware (AVG Resident Shield). Protects you from malware on your PC and helps stop anything that’s infected.
  • AVG Anti-Rootkit. Detects and removes dangerous rootkits that hide malicious software that seeks to take control of your computer.
  • AVG Email Scanner. Detects infected or rogue inbound attachments so they can’t damage your PC. Works as a plug-in for email applications including Microsoft Outlook or as a scanner for POP3, SMTP and IMAP accounts.
  • AVG Protective Cloud Technology. Identifies and prevents emerging threats “in the cloud” via automatic updates to your antivirus software.
  • AVG Community Protection Network. Instantly converts every new threat encountered by any member of our community into protection for everyone. It adds up to ever-better antivirus protection for the entire AVG community.
  • AVG LinkScanner Surf-Shield. Smart prevention technology that stops you hitting infected or criminal sites. Actively checks every web page just before you click and stops you if it detects anything suspicious.
  • AVG Social Networking Protection. Checks the links that get exchanged when you’re on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter etc. to help keep you and your friends safe.
  • AVG Online Shield. Checks files before you download them to ensure they are safe, and protects you as you exchange files using MSN and Yahoo! and ICQ.
  • Anti-Spyware. Keep your identity safe from the Spyware and Adware that tracks personal information.
  • AVG Anti-Spam. Stops spammers and scammers getting to you. Reduces your risks of falling prey to online spam by scanning and checking all your emails for suspect content and code.
  • AVG Do Not Track. Lets you identify which websites are collecting data on your online activities and gives you the choice whether to allow it. This is available if you take AVG Security Toolbar as part of your installation or as a separate plugin. Supports Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.
  • AVG Identity Protection. Not only keeps your personal information safe when you’re busy online, but also stops criminals stealing personal data on your PC.
  • AVG WiFi Guard. Helps you avoid the rogue WiFi access points used by hackers by alerting you when your PC tries to access an unknown WiFi network.
  • File Shredder. Normal deletion isn’t always enough to make your data disappear reliably. File Shredder deletes data securely using processes that prevent them being accessed or recovered by someone else
  • AVG Enhanced Firewall. Blocks hackers attempting to access the private data stored on your PC. Stops malware taking over your computer or from harming other peoples. Works on wired and wireless networks.
  • AVG Turbo Scan. Dramatically shortens security-scanning times thanks to a smarter scanning sequence that follows the order in which files are saved to the hard drive.
  • Game Mode. Keeps scans and updates at bay whilst you play to avoid lags and freezes. Also safeguards your digital profile from hackers looking to steal and sell your game rewards.
  • AVG Smart Scanner. Only scans your PC when you’re not using it. Drops to low priority mode as soon as you move your mouse or hit a key. To keep scan times to a minimum it ignores files it’s already scanned and knows are safe.
  • AVG Accelerator. Maximizes connection speeds and the download of binary data to deliver faster, smoother video streaming. Dramatically enhances the experience of YouTube videos.


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